Mento Governance provides a decision-making and execution structure that specifically caters to the needs of the Mento Platform.

Until May 2024, Mento operated under Celo Governance, which made every Mento Protocol decision subject to full Layer-1 governance. This burdened Celo's own governance process and created a lot of process overhead in the Mento Protocol for making even small changes.

To position Mento as a fully independent decentralized protocol and increase regulatory clarity, an autonomous Mento Protocol Governance was launched in June 2024. New regulations, like the EU's MiCAR (Markets in Crypto Asset Regulation), define specific guidelines and rules for stablecoins that are easier to implement by a fully separate Mento Governance.

Mento Governance enables broad and diverse stakeholder participation from both the Mento and Celo communities. This ensures that Mento Protocol decisions represent the diverse perspectives within our community—especially the ones of the stablecoin holders—which were not fully reflected in the initial setup under Celo governance.

Read on for a detailed overview of all governance components.

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