This page describes the Mento Reserve conceptually, while information about holdings, asset allocation, and addresses can be found on the Mento Reserve Website.


The Mento Reserve is a diversified portfolio of crypto-assets that support the ability of the Mento protocol to allow everyone to expand and contract the supply of Mento stable assets in-line with user demand.

Reserve Assets

Reserve asset selection is done by Celo governance. Reserve assets must be freely traded and settled 24/7 on liquid markets, and should be based on an open-source protocol.

The reserve has the mandate to collateralize 110% of the Mento stable assets outstanding in the stable assets USDC and DAI and diversify the remainder into crypto assets BTC, ETH, and CELO. There is also a small experimental allocation in nature-backed assets, with the goal of supporting their adoption and liquidity. With this mandate, the Mento protocol would be able to safely wind down all Mento stable assets in exchange for other stable assets at every moment in time.

The live status of the reserve including asset allocation and wallet addresses can be found on the Mento Reserve website:


Celo native assets are held in the Reserve smart contract. The Mento Reserve ensures that non-CELO reserve assets are held safely through the use of approved, qualified and licensed custodians in a country that is not blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force or subject to sanctions prohibitions. Custodians are required to make publicly available the assets they hold on behalf of the Mento Reserve to ensure that stakeholders and the broader community have full transparency with respect to reserve assets. The non-Celo native assets in custody are controlled by a MultiSig consisting of several members of the Celo and Mento communities.

Reserve Mandate

The highest mandate of the Mento reserve is the protection of Mento stable value assets holders. Since not all reserve assets can be exchanged and held on the Celo blockchain, there is a Mento Reserve MultiSig that enforces the reserve mandate.

The mandate currently consists of enforcing a 100% stable asset backing (forum post, governance decision) and above that diversifying into, safely storing, and rebalancing governance-determined and allocated crypto assets. Asset Management of non-Celo assets like BTC, ETH, USDC, and DAI is conducted by the Mento Reserve MultiSig consisting of Celo and Mento community members. The actions of the Mento Reserve MultiSig can be seen and verified with the address listed on the Mento Reserve Website.

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