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From Ethereum

While the core team is working on cross-chain functionality, Mento utilizes bridged fiat-backed stablecoins and other collateral assets from Ethereum. To exchange these assets or trade larger amounts, it is helpful to bridge assets from Ethereum to Celo. Two popular ways of doing that are the Satellite bridge powered by the Axelar Network and the Portal Token Bridge powered by the Wormhole protocol.
In order to bridge collateral assets like USDC, wBTC, and ETH to Celo to one of the bridged assets utilized by the Mento Protocol and the Reserve, please choose your target asset and follow the steps on the respective bridge website linked above.
If you want to use the high-liquidity Curve pool on Celo, you need USDCet, which is USDC bridged by the Wormhole Portal Token Bridge. When you have USDC on your Ethereum wallet, you can follow the steps on the website and bridge them to USDCet on your Celo wallet. USDCet in your Celo wallet can then be used to interact with the high-liquidity Curve pool.
If you want to interact with the cUSD-axlUSDC pair on Mento and create cUSD directly, you can use the Axelar Satellite Token Bridge to bridge USDC from Ethereum to axlUSDC on Celo.
For a more detailed documentation and guides on how to bridge assets, please refer to the respective bridge's documentation.